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  • SKU: R03-00001
  • Cotton Rags JUMBO
  • Packing: 150 Sheets Per Box
  • 6 Boxes Per Carton
  • Sheet Colour: Blue
  • Sheet Size: 23 x 33 cm


Cotton Rags | Packing: 150 Sheets Per Box


A New Generation of Cotton Rags

BBGW-1108 Cotton Rags are a next-generation alternative to cotton cleaning rags or shop towels used for a wide variety of general cleaning tasks.

These industrial wipes are highly cost-effective, saving you up to 95% on scheduled waste management fees (SW 410) and 50% on purchase costs.

It is as absorbent as paper towels and strong as cleaning cloths, with excellent grease-lifting power.

When you switch from carrying sacks of kain buruk or cotton rag 20kg to OUR Cotton Rags, you save yourself storage space at your workspace. It is easy to wash and reuse over and over or disposed of when it becomes too much of a chore to wash.

Use it dry to clean up spills and leaks or use it with any type of cleaning chemicals you wish, as this cleaning wipe is compatible with most professional cleaning solutions, including alcohols, acetone, and MEK.

It is FDA-approved safe for food contact surfaces so you can use it with peace of mind on all kinds of food handling surfaces and equipment, too.


Excellent Durability

  • Our Cotton Rags are strong and durable, just like the conventional ‘kain buruk’ or shop towels used for cleaning.
  • They can withstand multiple wash and usage cycles, compared to regular disposable cleaning products.
  • This polyester-cellulose hybrid product is ‘STRONG LIKE CLOTH, ABSORBENT AS PAPER’.
  • Replace dirty cotton rags. A hygienic cloth alternative
    for all types of cleaning.




  • General workplace cleaning
  • Maintenance and cleaning of mechanical equipment
  • Cleaning parts and tools
  • Clean up of oil, dirt and fluids
  • Cleaning surfaces in labs, kitchens
  • Cleaning rollers and transmission belts
  • Industrial Wipes/Cloths



Industry Applicability

  • Manufacture of transportation equipment for automobiles, ships, trains, and subways.
  • Processing and manufacturing of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals*Manufacturing of bearing, gear transmission equipment
  • Coatings , inks , pigments and similar product manufacture petrochemical engineering
  • Machine tool machining, cutting
  • Port, maritime, air transport




  • Packing: 150 Sheets Per Box
  • 6 Boxes Per Carton
  • Sheet Colour: Blue
  • Sheet Size: 23 x 33 cm




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What's in the box
  • SKU: R03-00001
  • Cotton Rags JUMBO
  • Packing: 150 Sheets Per Box
  • 6 Boxes Per Carton
  • Sheet Colour: Blue
  • Sheet Size: 23 x 33 cm