Modurail SR-08-04 Modular Single Safety Railing 8' (L) x 3.5' (H) from BYBIGPLUS.COM
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Brand Blue Box
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  • Pre-Order Item 3-5 days
  • Specifications
  • Length: 8' (2440mm)
  • Height: 3.5' (1060mm)
  • No. of Std. Items (PCS): 27 PCS
  • Approximately total weight (KG): 16.9 KG
  • Email us at bybigplus@blue-box.asia


Modurail SR-08-04 Modular Single Safety Railing 8' (L) x 3.5' (H)



  • Modurail Safety Railings are ideal to be installed wherever you need to keep people safe and to prevent accidents. It is ideal for use in factories, shopping malls, parking lots, logistic stores, both indoors and outdoors.
  • No Waiting Time - With Modurail, you can DIY and assemble it yourself instantly. No time wasted waiting for the outsourced fixers to install your railings.
  • No Worries About Safety - Modurail safety railings are manufactured under stringent quality control, using robust material that can protect against the most aggressive external force.
  • No Breakage - Unlike old railings that pose to be wobbly, endangering people, the railings of Modurail are strong, as it is made of high quality durable pipes using state of the art robotic weiders.
  • No Maintenance Needed - Coated with superior epoxy powder coat, Modurail safety railings will still look good even after years of use.



  • Safe, Durable and Reliable: Made of high quality robust material that is strong enough to withstand the toughest external force against it. Modurail keeps people and things safe.
  • Bespoke Coating Finishes: Tailor-made configurations and colours are available.
  • Ready-Packed Modules: ModuRail Safety Railings are come in ready-packed modules complete with installation instructions for easy assembly.
  • Flexible and Costumizable: Available in L-shaped or U-shaped working cell, as well as closed or patially-closed cells, you can easily find a module that fits your need.




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